Our Services

We know that inclusive workspaces do not happen by accident but are a direct result of a company's deliberate and intentional efforts. Guided by this ethos, we help organisations through the following services: 

Employee Experience Design  

We partner with our clients to help them consciously design their organisation’s employee experience so that every identity group can flourish.

 The benefit of designing the employee experience? Builds employee trust and loyalty in the company’s values, culture & vision.

Leadership Development 

We work with leaders to develop their emotional and social intelligence, so they can lead from an authentic place and influence others effectively. 

 The benefit of leadership development? Creates & fosters leaders who understand how their actions and behavior impacts others.

StrengthsFinder Coaching 

Every employee has their unique talents. Through StrenghtsFinder coaching we help individuals and teams to discover and explore what naturally drives them to high-performance and excellence. 

Knowing and understanding one’s individual strengths and that of our teams creates more conscious workers who empathise with others and are aware of how their actions impact everyone around them. 

Facilitation Of High-Stake Matters 


We help groups and teams resolve conflict, problem-solve, brainstorm, break deadlock situations or kick start a key process or project. Through empathic listening, incisive questions and facilitated dialogue, we create safe spaces of relatedness and Ubuntu – where people can find their voice and can collaboratively address the challenges that really matter.