Is your employee experience inclusive and humane?

Employee Experience Design


We partner with our clients to help them consciously design their organisation’s employee experience so that every identity group can flourish.


Leadership Development


We work with leaders to develop their emotional and social intelligence, so they can lead from an authentic place and influence others effectively.


Gallup  StrengthsFinder



We help individuals discover their strengths and team members, to know one another’s strengths, so they can all bring their best selves to work. 

Facilitation of high-stakes matters 


Through empathic listening and facilitated dialogue, we create safe spaces for teams to resolve conflict, brainstorm or kickstart key projects. 

We are an Employee Experience design company.

The employee experience is the journey that an employee takes in an organisation. We help leaders to consciously design it so that inclusion is not left to chance. 

When the employee experience is left to chance, people with less power, based on their position or group identity, will most likely experience inequality, discomfort and a sense of anxiety.  This impacts how people show up at work and in their positions. 

The employee experience is designed to incorporate the emotional, intellectual, physical, social and cultural needs that must be met in order for someone to perform their work well. 

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