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Inclusive Employee Experience Design

The employee experience is the journey that a person has in an organisation:

It starts with the initial impression a potential employee forms about the organisation and extends to the recruitment and onboarding experience. It includes the day-to-day work environment, relationships with colleagues and leaders, work-life balance, career development opportunities, as well as how personal and professional transitions are handled, and ultimately the employee’s departure from the organisation.


Every organisation, whether intentional or not, creates an employee experience. Within this experience, employees expect fairness and inclusion, and they have unique needs.


However, they may also encounter barriers or biases at various stages of their employee journey, such as during recruitment, compensation negotiations, work allocation, meetings, performance evaluations, or promotions.  

To create a fair and inclusive employee experience, organisations need to identify and address biases while gaining an understanding of the diverse realities and needs of their employees.


This understanding may involve recognizing simple yet impactful facts, such as candidates who use taxis to come in for 8 am interviews have to wake up at 4 am or that working mothers have care responsibilities, and need flexibility.


By interrupting biases, recognising and addressing the realities and needs of diverse employees, an organisation prioritises diversity, equity, and inclusion, creating an environment where employees are set up to succeed in their roles. 

We help organisations to deliberately design their employee experience so that equity and inclusion are not left to chance.

Inclusive Employee Experience
Design Offering

Inclusive Employee Experience
Training Offering

Inclusion is like health and fitness:
You first work at having it, and then you work at keeping it. It is a continuous process that requires proactive and deliberate effort.

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