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The origin of our organisation


The origins of 54TwentyFour

Julia Makhubela spent 10 years of her career job hopping, unable to find a workplace that was inclusive. She founded 54TwentyFour after she realised that workplace structures and norms weren’t designed with everyone in mind.


"5424 (54TwentyFour) is the street number of my childhood home in Orlando East, Soweto. Growing up in a low-income community, I witnessed first-hand the challenges posed by structural inequalities and their consequences, including social issues such as unemployability, teenage pregnancy, alcoholism, and others that persist in South Africa. Today, I find myself in a better place, partly due to the transformative social changes that unfolded during the 90s


Growing up in the 90s, I witnessed a remarkable period in South Africa marked by our first democratic election, which saw Nelson Mandela become the nation's first black president, and the acceptance of our constitution. These milestones instilled in me a profound sense of hope for equity and inclusion.


I founded 54TwentyFour when I realized that, despite changes in laws and an increased intolerance for discrimination, there remained an ongoing need to create inclusive workplaces that embrace diversity and enable social progress."


Julia Makhubela | Managing Director

Julia is a leadership and team coach, educator, and employee experience designer. With a background in operations, digital marketing, and leadership roles in other organizations, she brings valuable insights and skills to her current position. Julia was one of the co-founders of the successful Africa Shared Value Summit, an initiative that raises awareness and advocates for the shared value business model.

Tshegofatso Moilwe | Operations Officer

Tshego serves as the Operations Officer at 54TwentyFour. She program manages learning experiences and project manages employee experience projects. She also conducts employee experience research. Tshego is persuing a degree in Economics, further enriching her expertise. In her spare time, she runs her own entrepreneurial endeavor. She brings this experience to programs and projects.

Aluwani Mauda 160224.jpg

Aluwani Mauda | Data Scientist (Associate)

Aluwani is a dynamic Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist with a track record of evaluating the effectiveness of impact-driven programs. As a Business Associate at 54TwentyFour, she applies her vast experience to ensure our clients' programs and projects are effective. She conducts baseline and impact assessments for learning programs and employee experience interventions, following a data-driven approach.

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Our Values

Our values inform everything we do, from our design to how we deliver our work in collaboration with our partners.


Physical, social, emotional and cognitive wellness is essential for excellent work and a great life.


Trauma is often a reality for marginalised groups. We are always mindful of the scars people carry and prioritise creating safe spaces that actively avoid re-traumatisation.


Our work is result-driven

and evidence-based, rooted and informed

by the latest research.

No Harm

We are mindful of the impact a results-driven mindset can have on an organisation. Whilst we share this mindset, we ensure these results don’t come at the cost of harming people and the planet.

Continuous Improvement

We are a learning organisation. Keen to understand new things about ourselves, others and better approaches to our work.

Build employee experiences that matter.

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