Our Happy Clients

Clients that we have partnered with to design their employee experience, provide StrengthsFinder coaching and/or facilitate high-stake matters. 

“When I was newly appointed as CEO, my task was to create a strategy for an inclusive and people-centric culture. The challenge was I didn’t know where to start. 54twentyfour gave me a focused and personalised employee experience framework and I was surprised at how my level of consciousness and awareness was raised through a fun, fluid and interactive session.” 

Dani Morley, CEO, Digital Optimization

“54twentyfour provided a StrenghtsFinder contract on two of my Graduate Leadership Programmes and it provided the participants. This gave them an opportunity to discover their strengths and how these impact how they work in their teams and as well as how they show up in their personal spaces. 54twentyfour’s ability to connect and engage with participants in an authentic way is really commendable”.

Thato Belang, Programme Director, Duke Corporate Education

“When our team was going through some major changes in management, there was so much unease, confusion and tension amongst the staff. We basically struggled to reconnect as team mates. 54twentyfour helped us open up lines of communication, through learning more about our ourselves and one another. This made us feel safe enough to engage one another in a respectful and healthy way”.

 Natalie Stobaus, Operations Manager, Earth Centre

We are an Employee Experience design company.

The employee experience is the journey that an employee takes in an organisation. We help leaders to consciously design it so that inclusion is not left to chance. 

When the employee experience is left to chance, people with less power, based on their position or group identity, will most likely experience inequality, discomfort and a sense of anxiety.  This impacts how people show up at work and in their positions. 

The employee experience is designed to incorporate the emotional, intellectual, physical, social and cultural needs that must be met in order for someone to perform their work well. 

Some Of Our Clients


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